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Shawn & Wendy Robinson

SuperStar Director


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My Team

Why You should JOIN Our Team:  We are DEDICATED to helping our Team Members succeed and focus at least 80% of our time on YOU! We offer a very positive team environment and spirit, training and mentoring, conferences calls/webinars, a Team website that we built just for you and One-on-One training, etc. - If you want it!

While it's great that we've changed OUR lives, earned our 4th All-Expense Paid trip, earned Bonuses, and both of us get to work from home... The GREATEST Achievement we are proudest of is that we've been able to make a difference in our Team Members lives.
We have Team members who have been able to earn trips, quit their jobs, retire their spouses, get extra money to pay off debts, pay for thier Kid's activities and reach other Goals and dreams they set for themselves.
Not only are we helping other Families but... We are also helping Our Children by being home with them, at ALL of their school events and being there to Raise them!
We are Top Sponsors in Scentsy and have been in the to top 20 of ALL Scentsy Consultants for the past 4yrs in a row. This isn't for Recruiting it's for Training and Mentoring our team.
Let us help YOU Make Your DREAMS become a REALITY!
Contact us today and interview us to see if you'd like to Join Scentsy Candles



Join My Team

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